The Heroine of our story: the King’s only daughter and as far as anyone knows, the only eligible young lady in the kingdom; a smart, sassy and headstrong young lady.



The teenage daughter of Myrtle the Witch; starts out seemingly a villain but becomes one of Larissa’s closest allies. A sarcastic, comically downbeat young lady.



The panto dame: the castle cook, cleaner and general busybody who by chance was spared from Myrtles original curse. Hilarious with a bawdy sense of humour; the mother of Felix.



A young lower born lad who is in love with Larissa (and she with him) though neither of them realise it. Felix is very clever and brave to a fault when it comes to defending Larissa’s honour.



The villain, a real scenery-chewing, crowd-baiting panto witch whose dastardly schemes put even her own daughter at risk.



Seems like he’s going to be the hero, Prince Appleby is dashing, chivalrous and well mannered, though also a massive coward when it comes to fighting.



Oliver comes to pursue Larissa’s hand in marriage but soon joins forces

with Myrtle after everyone realises he is a cruel, obnoxious, selfish bad

tempered villain.



The king of Wherisia; lazy, a bit dim and generally oblivious to what’s

happening around him.



The chief of Palace security, who seems dogged and thorough in his work,

but who is secretly under the spell of Myrtle for most of the story; though

he redeems himself at the end.






Captain Crumb’s faithful second-in-command



Chorus member who tends to yell out jokes.



An Irish Prince



A Scottish Prince



A Prince whose parents really wanted a girl.




Lena Day is a struggling young West End/Broadway (delete as appropriate) actress trying desperately to make her way in the world of show-business, and failing spectacularly. After yet another
audition rejection, where her equally unlucky best friend Hattie finally
lands a role, Lena resigns herself to another lecture from her
disapproving aunt Grace. Expecting nothing but terrible offers from her
equally terrible theatre agent Rennie, she is surprised when he eventually
tells her a script was passed to him for Lena's consideration by a
mysterious and strangely dressed woman called MacGuffin: the show is
called "A Day in the Life" and seems to be about Lena herself.

As the mystery behind the script deepens and it's unforeseen magical
side effects become clear, Lena's life begins to change dramatically as
she finds herself suddenly thrust into the limelight and starring in the
very show she had failed to audition for. But against the combined forces
of borderline-crazy director Kent Prentice and his panic-stricken producer
Val, and super-diva rival actress Cosmo - as well as finding herself and
everyone around her transforming into children seemingly at random -
Lena must figure out how to become the star she knows she can be.


"Sweet Little Mystery"  is an original comedy-fantasy-mystery-musical all about the strange world of show-business, the magic of youth, and finding yourself in a world where everyone is playing a role.


Sweet Little Mystery

Character List

You Can't Stop The Beat

Black Magic

There's No Business Like.....

Anything You Can Do I Can...

Crazy Chick

Bad Blood / Fight Song

I Am What I Am


Pitch Perfect Finale

Reach For The Stars

Star Maker


Coca Cola Christmas Song

Listen To Some Of The Great Music From

Its Reigning Men

SWEET LITTLE MYSTERY is a brilliant and funny Christmas show with great humour.

SWEET LITTLE MYSTERY comes with score, backing and full versions of all of the original songs.

Sweet Little Mystery Trailer