“A long time ago I did something terrible… More than one thing,

actually, I supposeyou could say I was terrible… But something

happened anyway, and then people were looking for me for years

and never found me. I think by now… They’re all gone, or given up

hope or just maybe forgotten. I kind of have a habit of being

forgotten about. I suppose that’s as much as I deserve.”


Ragdoll is a sprawling fantasy-mystery which spans over a century

in its story. It is by turns funny, tragic and frightening, and is

intended for a more mature audience due to some disturbing

scenes and mild profanity.


The story begins at a late nineteenth century travelling carnival,

where an ageless enchantress, Ms Dalziel, sees her vindictive and

vain adopted “granddaughter” Saffron fall foul of a gypsy curse.

Saffron is turned into a rag doll for a hundred years, cursed to

experience every moment as something foul and despised: but when two of the carnival employees, the bumbling Penn and Blake, accidentally give Saffron away as a prize at their coconut shy, Ms Dalziel must enlist their unwilling aid to find her lost granddaughter before the carnivals sinister Ringmaster does.Meanwhile, through Saffron’s eyes, the lives of three generations of one family are seen unfolding as she becomes entangled in their destiny. But at the end of a

century, when the powers of love and revenge meet to fight for Saffrons soul, who

will win?

With a mixture of gothic fantasy and unforgettable music, the epic new musical Ragdoll marks a new standard in contemporary musical theatre.


RAGDOLL is an epic original fantasy musical with a large cast. Due to some darker themes and mild profanity it is suited to an older teen or adult cast. No junior version is available.

RAGDOLL comes with score, backing and full versions of all of the original songs.

Ragdoll Trailer


Character List



SAFFRON - A beautiful but vain and wickedly tempered Victorian-era teenage girl, cursed by a gypsy to be a rag doll for 100 years; she becomes a much wiser and better natured person (while in the form of a doll).

MS DALZIEL - Saffron’s adoptive grandmother, an immortal wizard who appears to be in late middle age, she is desperately protective of Saffron, though despairing of her loathsome and hateful nature.

MR FALLON - A circus ringmaster, and grandson of the witch Deliliah. Fallon appears to be a good natured and typically buoyant showman, but becomes a twisted and demonic villain, hell bent on revenge against Saffron.

DELILIAH - An ancient but powerful gypsy seer and magician, who repays Saffron’s insults by cursing her.

SOPHIE - A sassy but emotionally damaged young modern day woman who inherits both the doll Saffron and the strange necklace.


BLAKE - A miserable, grim humoured goon with a magically elongated lifespan who works first for Fallon at the Circus, then for Mr Dalziel

PENN - Blake’s slightly younger, more sarcastic and even more miserable accomplice.


CATHERINE - A young and independent single mother in the early 20th century, a burgeoning feminist with a wild spirited daughter to cope with.


EMILY 1 & 2 - Catherine’s daughter, who first appears as a young girl (8-10) with a killer bowling arm, then later as a vampish art-school jazz age princess (16-18) with more mouth and attitude than most.


HOWARD - A nervous and somewhat awkward young student in the 1920s with his heart in the right place; Emily’s future husband.


JACK - An Irish Jack in the Box with a heart of gold and a mouth like a docker.


NICHOLAS - A hip young documentary film-maker in the 1960s, who also happens to be Emily’s son and who rediscovers the lost Saffron with mixed consequences.


ISOBEL - Nicholas’ director of photography, cynical, sarcastic, and with a wicked sense of humour.


CHARLOTTE - A mildly ditzy bombshell actress in the 1960s; Nicholas’ future wife and mother of




MARIE - A terrible actress, ridiculously bad and hilarious but utterly entirely serious.




Victorian working class fellas and ladies out for some fun at the fair.


Clowns, Acrobats and Gypsy types.


Removal men/women


Flapper girls and Suited dudes.


Regular late 30s people and/or soldiers.


Toy Soldiers and Bears.


Ou6side the cinema - regular 60s types.


Horrific twisted clowns, rag dolls, zombies etc.

Fallon & Turnbull Opening

Better Off Alone

Every Step Of The Way

First Impressions

Girl In The Mirror

Master Of Evil

More To Me

We'll Make It Through

Ragdoll Theme Music

Listen To Some Of The Great Music From Ragdoll

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