Our complete stage musicals packages each contain:


Show synopsis


Full script (including scenes list) in .doc (Microsoft Word) format


Character cast list


High quality mp3 backing tracks for all songs*


High quality mp3 full rehearsal tracks for all songs*


High quality poster artwork in jpeg format


Copyright licence (incorporating multiple performance licence for up to 14 full performances)


*When appropriate we recommend ensuring your PRS (or equivalent body) licence is up to date.





Buying a show from Per4mance Works couldn't be simpler. Select the show you wish to buy, pay by card or Paypal and instantly download a zip file containing everything you need to get your show started! Each complete stage musical package costs only £99 with no hidden extra costs or licences. Simply click, download, and you're ready to begin!





As well as full packages, Per4mance Works' writing team also offer a series of competitively priced bespoke writing services. Got a script, but don’t have enough/too many players? Too adult for your age group? Too childish for your age group? Or are you just not really feeling it? Have our script doctor edit/re-write any script, whether purchased from us or not, to fit your requirements. Editing from as little as £30


Scene rewrite - £30 per scene

Full script doctoring – Dialogue - £50

Full script doctoring – Character/Scene removal/continuity - £70

Full script re-write - £140


Script turn around (via email) within 2-3 days, Allow up to 7 days for full script re-write.