The Heroine of our story: the King’s only daughter and as far as anyone knows, the only eligible young lady in the kingdom; a smart, sassy and headstrong young lady.



The teenage daughter of Myrtle the Witch; starts out seemingly a villain but becomes one of Larissa’s closest allies. A sarcastic, comically downbeat young lady.



The panto dame: the castle cook, cleaner and general busybody who by chance was spared from Myrtles original curse. Hilarious with a bawdy sense of humour; the mother of Felix.



A young lower born lad who is in love with Larissa (and she with him) though neither of them realise it. Felix is very clever and brave to a fault when it comes to defending Larissa’s honour.



The villain, a real scenery-chewing, crowd-baiting panto witch whose dastardly schemes put even her own daughter at risk.



Seems like he’s going to be the hero, Prince Appleby is dashing, chivalrous and well mannered, though also a massive coward when it comes to fighting.



Oliver comes to pursue Larissa’s hand in marriage but soon joins forces

with Myrtle after everyone realises he is a cruel, obnoxious, selfish bad

tempered villain.



The king of Wherisia; lazy, a bit dim and generally oblivious to what’s

happening around him.



The chief of Palace security, who seems dogged and thorough in his work,

but who is secretly under the spell of Myrtle for most of the story; though

he redeems himself at the end.






Captain Crumb’s faithful second-in-command



Chorus member who tends to yell out jokes.



An Irish Prince



A Scottish Prince



A Prince whose parents really wanted a girl.




Dear Diary. Hi, it’s me, Larissa. Larissa, the Princess? Tomorrow’s

my birthday, and despite all of my protests and everything I’ve

asked father specifically not to do, the entire Castle is being turned

into some sort of powder pink Barbie dream-house for the occasion.

Nightmare. All I want is to turn sixteen years old with a little dignity

and a lot of cake, but father has insisted on throwing me this OTT

party. It seems a lot to me like all that’s expected of me is to show

up, smile, look pretty and happy and laugh at peoples jokes then

marry the richest Prince. Is that really what girls my age are

supposed to do? I don’t know, because I’ve never met any girls my

age. Or any age, for that matter. Hmmm. I guess I just answered

My own question. Don’t you hate it when people do that? I do. Sigh.

Yes. I did just write “sigh”.”


In the far off land of “Whereisia” a witches curse had left the land

almost entirely without ladies; to anyone’s knowledge, the only eligible

lady in the kingdom is the Kings daughter, Larissa. On the eve of Larissa’s less than surprising 16th birthday party the King has arranged for suitors from all across the kingdom to come and woo her, but all she wants is to be left alone. Meanwhile, the witch Myrtle is planning a surprise of her own; announcing her own daughter, Aubrey, to the world in order to marry a Prince and rule the kingdom in her stead. But Aubrey has other plans; and when things go pear-shaped in a kingdom run by men, what’s a girl to do?


‘It’s Reigning Men’ is an original comedic pantomime for 4-5 female principals and 5-6 male principals, though with this being a pantomime you may wish to have any number of male or female principals playing either role. In particular with this story it adds to the comedy effect.

Its Reigning Men

Character List

Its Reigning Men

Night To Remember

If I Were A Boy

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

You've Got A Friend In Me

This Is Me

Aint No Mountain

Out Here On My Own

Can't Buy Me Love

You And I


Community Song

Wish It Could Be Christmas

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Its Reigning Men

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IT'S REIGNING MEN is a hillarious comedy panto with all the familiar panto characters and is suited to any age.

ITS REIGNING MEN comes with score, backing and full versions of all of the original songs.

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