A kind, beautiful young girl, struggling to hold her family together in the wake of a disaster: our heroine.



A handsome Prince cursed to be a horrific beast until such time as someone can love him in spite of his appearance



A rich merchant recently ruined, father to Belle



Spoiled, arrogant, fashion obsessed sister to Belle



Spoiled, arrogant and man-hungry sister to Belle



Spoiled, arrogant and lazy sister to Belle



A rich cad, scoundrel who wishes to marry Belle



Belle’s hot tempered brother and friend to Ludovic



A spirit of one of the Beasts former servants



A spirit of one of the Beasts former servants



A spirit of one of the Beasts former servants



A spirit of one of the Beasts former servants



A spirit of one of the Beasts former servants



A spirit of one of the Beasts former servants



A bumbling bureaucrat






Beauty and the Beast is a show written for seven female

principals, seven male principals and a chorus. It is an original

adaptation of the story ’Beauty and the Beast’ written by

Per4mance Stage Works, and as such is not liable to any copyright

disputes with the Disney corporation or its affiliates…

When a terrible storm engulfs the coastline of 18th century France,

the wealthy merchant Marcel Du Jour  loses his entire fleet of ships

at sea. Comforted by his beautiful kindly daughter Belle, Marcel

vows to bestow new wealth on her and her spoiled brother and

sisters. But in his attempt, Marcel incites the wrath of a great and

terrible Beast who resides in an enchanted castle in the forest.

The enraged Beast demands the sacrifice of Marcels most beloved


When Belle comes to the castle of the Beast and his spirit servants,

the Beast to his surprise finds he loves her; for there is more to the

Beast than meets the eye. In order to win Belle’s heart and to break

the curse which makes him a Beast, he must learn once again to be a man. But Belle’s power and wealth hungry siblings, and her cruel jealous suitor Avenant, have other plans for Belle, the Beast and his fortune. Can love conquer all?


Based upon the timeless love story first told by Marie Le Prince du Beaumont, and Jean Cocteau’s 1945 cinematic classic ‘La Belle et la Bete’, Per4mance Stage Works present their original adaptation of the greatest love story ever told; Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty & The Beast

BEAUTY & THE BEAST is arguably the greatest love story ever told. Now Per4mance Works brings you our own unique spin on the classic tale based on the original story.


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST comes with backing tracks and full rehearsal versions of all of the suggested song arrangements.

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Character List

Everything Has Changed

Don't Cha

Get Happy

Sweet Dreams

The Rose


Here Comes Goodbye

1000 Years

Under Pressure

Here Comes Goodbye (Reprise)

Love Story

Come What May


Tracks Performed by Per4mance Stage School

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