The kind but overworked Fairy Godmother, exhausted after putting everything right and having to keep Claudette in line; seriously in need of a holiday.



A sarcastic, pessimistic pixie on work experience with Buttercup; Claudette is the anti-princess with a nice line in cutting remarks who finds love in the most unusual way.



Demure, sweet and kind but not afraid to get her hands dirty when the going gets tough.



Snow Whites husband, what he lacks in modesty he makes up for in bravado.



The ultimate girly Princess, beautiful and enthusiastic with a heart of gold and some funky footwear.



The eternally lovelorn sidekick now works in the Enchanted Prison. Still unlucky in love, but plucky and sort of courageous when the chips are down.



Snow White’s evil stepmother, doing time in the Enchanted Prison; a selfish, arrogant narcissist who argues with her mirror and has a desire to rule again.



Classy and eloquent but still a maniac at heart; the Big Bad Wolf is

serving 700 years in the Enchanted prison for crimes against

Grandmothers and Pigs.



An embittered Prince who plans to free the inmates of the Enchanted

Prison as revenge for his lack of happiness, but begins to question his

own plans when he falls in love with Claudette.



 Charmless’ page, a happy and kind soul who becomes twisted, wicked

and power hungry, ultimately becoming the true villain.



The tiny twinkly mischievous fairy now runs the entertainment at the

Last Resort, a tropical getaway for fairy tale characters.



Are the town villagers consisting of characters we all know and love

who have finished their time in their stories and have come to retire at 

Faraway Land 



“Fairy tale characters are all so stupid. Like this tailor ordered

a bunch of new robes for someEmperor from the Fairy

Godmothers office, and just because I like spilled my

mochaccino all over the order form and threw it into the bin

by total accident and forgot all about it, the tailor doesn’t get

them when he said he would so he freaks out and tells the

Emperor to go around naked, and he totally believed him! And it

was a mint mochaccino too which is my favourite so it was like,

double suck. And then there’s that girl that thought a wolf was her

Grandmother; how stupid do you have to be to think your

Grandmother’s a wolf? “Oh granny what big teeth you have”?

More like what a tiny brain you’ve got …And don’t get me started on

that creepy old puppet dude, you know the one, the one that was all

like “oh I can’t connect with real people so I’ll build a boy out of

wood and I’m like a total failure at parenting anyway so I’ll have to get a grasshopper or something to do it for me

instead”, I mean get real…”

After Happy Ever After is a fairy-tale adventure comedy for six principal females, five principal males and a chorus. It is a knockabout comedy in the guise of a pantomime, with rapid-paced dialogue more suited to a slightly more mature cast, but suitable for all ages of audience. In the fairy tale kingdom of Faraway Land, characters from pantomimes and fairy tales alike have gathered in Old King Cole’s grand ballroom to celebrate the happy endings of all their stories. Buttercup, the Fairy Godmother, is quite worn out after righting so many wrongs and granting so many wishes as well as looking after Claudette, an unenthusiastic Pixie assigned to her office on work experience. After a well-meaning attempt to unite Claudette and the perpetually single Buttons ends disastrously, Buttercup decides she needs a break and jets off to fairytale getaway The Last Resort, leaving Claudette as acting Fairy Godmother. Meanwhile, the embittered Prince Charmless, who never got the girl, concocts a plan with his page boy Aloysius to free all of fairytales’ worst villains from the Enchanted Prison and wreak havoc on Faraway land, hoping that he might finally have the chance to rescue a damsel of his own and live happily ever after. But he begins to question his wicked ways when he meets and falls in love with Claudette; and when terror is unleashed upon Faraway Land, and without a Fairy Godmother or any Prince Charming in sight, it falls on the unlikely shoulders of Buttons, Claudette, Cinderella and Snow White to try to save the day…

Taking an affectionately skewed glance at pantomimes, After Happy Ever After is an uproariously funny adventure which asks the question; does anyone truly live happily ever after?

After Happy Ever After

After Happy Ever After is an original fantasy musical with a large cast. This Show can have a group from all different ages from Kids To Adults.

After Happy Ever After comes with Song Suggestions, backing and full versions of all of the original songs.

After Happy Ever After Trailer

Character List

I Got A Feeling

Greatest Day

Go The Distance

Gift Of A Freind 

Bad Guys

Best Of Both Worlds



Ever Ever After

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